Office Technology

  • In Office
    • Digital x-rays- saves time, reduced radiation exposure, eliminates costly imaging lab bills, and is much more convenient
    • Lab- We are one of the very few offices in San Diego that has a full lab with a full time lab tech working in our office.  This means all of our appliances are made by the same person, adjustment can be done the same day, and retainers can be made the same day if needed.
  • iTero digital models
    • Eliminate the traditional molds for Invisalign.  Also makes storing models much easier, as well as facilitates easy transfer or models if needed.
  • Self-ligating (self-adjusting) braces
    • This can reduce the number of visits and allows you to go longer between visits.  
  • Secure cloud-based patient records
    • Your private health information is safe.  We use a world class cloud based storage program which maintains your records off site, encrypted, and backed up.  
  • Acceledent
    • A revolutionary vibrating wafer that can be used for just 10 minutes a night to speed up the movement of your teeth and reduce your time in braces or Invisalign.
  • Propel
    • By creating small micro perforation in the bone, this device will increase the rate of tooth movement 300%, meaning you are out of treatment sooner.
  • Corticotomy
    • By working with local periodontists, we can greatly accelerate the rate of tooth movement, reduce root resorption, and provide a more stable result in a fraction of the time.  
  • Diode laser
    • Dr. Asbury uses a diode laser for simple exposures of impacted teeth and to remove excess gum tissue which prevents braces from being placed on teeth.  This can even be done without any injections.  
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